“Get some fresh air”: idiom meaning.

Get some fresh air
To have a walk outside/outdoors and breathe some clean air. You can use this expression for example when you are tired, panicked or stressed and you need to take a walk to relax.

Other examples of “Get some fresh air” idiom in a sentence

  • I was going crazy in that room. I needed to get some fresh air.
  • She got up and went to get some fresh air.
  • Go and get some fresh air. You look pale.

“Get some fresh air”: use in context explanation

It’s a lockdown period of coronavirus times. No one is allowed to go out, unless it is strictly necessary. The man is tired of staying in his house all the time. He needs to get some fresh air so he decides to take his dog for a walk and use it as an excuse to go out. He doesn’t want to get in contact with other people. He thinks no one is outside at this time of a day. But he is wrong. He isn’t the only one who had this idea. His neighbours and their dogs definitely want to get some fresh air too!