“Get the wrong number”: idiom meaning.

Get the wrong number
When you call someone on the phone and you “get the wrong number” you (mistakenly) chooses an incorrect number and so you call a different person, not the person you wanted to call.

Other examples of “Get the wrong number” idiom in a sentence

  • I’m sorry, who? No, you got the wrong number.
  • Are you sure you didn’t get the wrong number?
  • Make sure you don’t get the wrong number.

“Get the wrong number”: use in context explanation

The man was in a disco yesterday and he got a phone number from a girl written on a piece of paper. The next day he calls the girl but it looks like the phone number is not correct. The lady on the phone says the man’s got the wrong number. He can’t believe it! The girl in the disco must have given him a wrong number!