“Go for a spin”: idiom meaning.

Go for a spin
Go for a ride in a car, without a particular destination, just for fun and it usually doesn’t last long. In the example the man wants to take a short trip just for pleasure, without going to any specific destination and he takes his dog with him so they both can have fun.

Other examples of “go for a spin” idiom in a sentence

  • Let’s go for a spin to the supermarket.
  • Fancy going for a spin?
  • Can I take your car for a spin?

“Go for a spin”: use in context explanation

The wife has politely asked her husband if he could walk their dog, she was busy doing something else, so she couldn’t do it herself. The man refused to go out with the dog, he said he had some more important things to do like going for a spin in his new, fancy car. The lady insisted that he should take the dog out. It seemed she had convinced him because he agreed to go. He put the dog on a leash and came out of the house. What he does then is different from what the wife has expected him to do. He does go out with the dog but they both get in the car and go for a spin. It looks like they’re having fun.