“Go off”: phrasal verb meaning.

Go off
Expire, become too old to be eaten. Every product you buy in a supermarket has got its expiry date or the “best before” date. It indicates until when the food should be eaten. After this date, the product is no longer fresh, it goes bad, smells badly, is a risk for your health. Especially eggs, when they expire, it’s easy to tell by the bad odour.

Other examples of “go off” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • Eat the meat before it goes off.
  • Look at the cheese, it’s gone off.
  • Can oil go off?

“Go off”: use in context explanation

The wife wants to cook meatballs so she needs some eggs. She takes some eggs from the fridge but realises they have gone off. She puts a surgical mask on her face because she can’t stand their bad odour. It’s surely past their “best before” date and they’ve gone bad. She calls her husband because she is so disgusted, she can’t even throw them in rubbish by herself. She wants her husband to do it for her.