“Go through”: phrasal verb meaning.

Go through
When you want to look through, examine someone else’s things because you are curious or you are searching for something. This expression is often used when you catch someone looking and touching your private belongings without asking for your permission.

Other examples of “go through” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • I saw him going through your bag.
  • Don’t you ever go through my stuff again.
  • Why are you going through my clothes? Are you looking for something?

“Go through”: use in context explanation

The husband has just come back home from the gym and is about to have a shower when he notices his wife opening his gym bag and putting her hands inside, like she was searching for something. He doesn’t like when someone touches his his gym bag so he gets a bit a angry and asks his wife what she’s doing. The woman looks distracted and anwsers frenetically that she is just looking for her keys. The husband gets angry because his wife is always losing her keys, she goes through the whole house and in the end, she always finds them in her own bag.