“Grab”: vocabulary meaning.

Take (get) something in your hand quickly in order to take it somewhere or bring it to someone. Usually said when the person you’re asking is in a hurry or frequenting a place with little time.

Other examples of “grab” vocabulary in a sentence

  • I’m coming, I’ll just grab something to eat.
  • Don’t worry and try to grab my hand.
  • I just did it because I wanted to grab your attention.

“Grab”: use in context explanation

It’s Saturday evening. The man is watching a football game as he does very often. The woman would like him to pay more attention to her and maybe help her clean the house or cook something for a change. He, on the other hand, doesn’t see any problem. He likes to sit on his armchair and watch TV. The man could do with a beer, though (he wants a beer). He asks his wife to grab him one without even turning around or saying “please”. The wife decides to play a joke on him. She gets the beer and spills it right onto her husband’s head.