“Hang up (on me)”: phrasal verb meaning.

Hang up (on me)
When you’re speaking with someone on the phone, “hang up” is when you put down the phone and finish the conversation, especially in the middle of the conversation, ehwn the other person is not expecting it. You might “hang up” on someone if you are talking with him/her on the phone, you are angry at him/her and you don’t want to listen to him anymore. You “hang up” and end the telephone conversation with him/her.

Other examples of “hang up (on me)” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • I couldn’t listen to her anymore so I hung up the phone.
  • I accidentally hung up on a customer today.
  • Don’t hang up on me, please!

“Hang up (on me)”: use in context explanation

The two friends are in a pub drinking beer and chatting about girls. One of them wants to go out with a girl he’s met recently, but he is shy and doesn’t have courage to speak to her. The other friend wants to help him and decides to call the girl and say his friend wants to ask her for dinner. When the girl hears it, suddenly she hangs up on him. That’s very rude but probably she’s not interested.