“Hoodie”: vocabulary meaning.

A kind of shirt, which has long sleeves and a hood behind to put on your head if it’s raining or it’s cold. It can also be called a sweatshirt. It’s a piece of clothing that you usually wear in informal situations.

Other examples of “hoodie” vocabulary in a sentence

  • I like the hoodie you are wearing.
  • Are there any hoodies in this shop?
  • I’ll just put on my hoodie, it’s cold outside.

“Hoodie”: use in context explanation

It’s the man’s birthday today. His wife is a thoughtful and caring woman so she decided to make her husband a surprise and buy him something special and original. She decided to get him a personalised hoodie with her picture on it. She thinks he will love it and will be proud to wear it. Her husband doesn’t like the hoodie. He thinks it’s embarrassing and not his style. He doesn’t know what to say because he wouldn’t like to hurt his wife’s feelings but the expression on his face says it all.