“I guess so”: idiom meaning

I guess so
Used to give an opinion, summarise, say what you think is probably true, say that you are probably of the same opinion as the other person; agree with him/her.

Other examples of “I guess so” idiom in a sentence

  • – I think we’re going to lose the game. – Yeah, I guess so.
  • – Maybe it was better not to tell her the truth. – I guess so.
  • I guess we should leave now. They don’t want us here.

“I guess so”: use in context explanation

The couple have overslept this morning. It’s 12 o’clock and they’re still in bed. Their dog is not happy about it and needs to pee. The woman wakes up and realises it’s late and they need to take the dog for a walk. Her husband answers saying: “I guess so.” But the dog finds a solution and deals with the situation on its own.