“Just this once”: idiom meaning.

Just this once
Only this one time. You can use this expression to emphasise you’re doing something as an exception only once and that the other person should not expect you to do it again in the future.

Other examples of “Just this once” idiom in a sentence

  • Can I ask you a favour? Please, just this once…
  • Ok, I’ll forgive you. Just this once.
  • I don’t really want to do it. I’ll do it just this once, just because you’re my friend.

“Just this once”: use in context explanation

The husband is watching a match and drinking beer…again. He thinks he works hard and thus deserves a lot of relax at home. He always feels he lacks time for himself. When his son starts disturbing him, he blows up! He says he wants to watch the match in peace, just this once. The wife thinks her husband is ridiculous. He always watches TV, rarely helps with household chores and has plenty of time for himself. She thinks he has no right to complain!