“Lean in”: phrasal verb meaning.

Lean in
Bend your body (like in the picture). People “lean in” in order to get closer to someone or something for example to hear or see something better, to do something or to take something.

Other examples of “lean in” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • Lean in so you can see the small insect better.
  • Lean in to see the baby!
  • I had to lean in to hear the radio.

“Lean in”: use in context explanation

Teh woman thinks her husband is drinking too much beer recently. She’s decided he can only drink one a day. But he likes beer and just one is not enough for him. The beer is on the table and the woman is sitting at the table. The man leans in to get the beer but she stops him immediately. The man says he didn’t want the beer but was just leaning in to kiss his wife but it’s not true and she knows it.