“Let me get this straight”: idiom meaning.

Let me get this straight
You use this expression if someone has said something to you and you want to check if it’s true. It can be used when you think what someone has said is strange, surprises you, makes you angry or is not clear.

Other examples of “make up” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • Let me get this straight: You are not going to give me my money back?
  • Let me get this straight: He told you he’s got another woman?

“Make up”: use in context explanation

The man is trying to remove the history from the search field on his computer. He’s called his colleague, an IT technitian, to his house to help him do it. Unfortunately, the specialist says that he can’t delete it. This worries the man as he doesn’t want people (especially his wife) to know what kind of websites he searches on the web. He is checking if he’s understood correctly using the idiom “let me get this straight”. He really can’t remove it?