“Make a toast”: idiom meaning.

Make a toast
If there’s a special and important occasion and people are drinking for example Champagne, they make wishes for the future. The wishes can be for example: “Let’s drink to our future, to our new house, to your new job career” etc…

Other examples of “make a toast” idiom in a sentence

  • Let’s make a toast before we start eating.
  • I’d like to make a toast to a new beginning.
  • People usually make a toast when they celebrate something special.

“Make a toast”: use in context explanation

The man is not always the perfect husband but he really loves his wife from the bottom of his heart. He appreciates her efforts to be a good wife, he knows she tries hard to take care of him and their little child, to look after the house, she tries to cook well even if her dishes are not always very tasty but she puts her heart to it. He’s decided to open a bottle of good Champagne and celebrate their marriage. He wants to make a toast and says: “Let’s drink to my wonderful wife”. The woman is so happy and flattered that she accidentally drops the bottle of Champagne on the floor and it breaks. Oops…