“Make up”: phrasal verb meaning.

Make up
Invent, say things that are not true for other people to believe them. In the example above, the husband is making up an excuse that he has an important phone call which is a lie.

Other examples of “make up” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • Stop making up excuses.
  • We’ll make up a story to tell her.
  • Make something up but don’t tell the truth.

“Make up”: use in context explanation

The kid has been playing with building blocks in his room for a couple of hours. The parents come to check on him and notice there’s been a poop accident. Someone has to change the baby’s diaper. The husband doesn’t like changing diapers and will invent any excuse he can just to escape this obligation. He would like to help but he just can’t stand the smell of baby’s poop. He just can’t help it. The wife, on the other hand, refuses to be the only one changing the baby and wants him to do it every once in a while. The man has to make up an excuse, he tells his wife he has a very important, emergency call from work and he just has to aswer it. The wife knows he’s lying and there’s no urgency. She is angry and she is not willing to give in.