“Make yourself at home”: idiom meaning.

Make yourself at home
When you invite someone, especially to your house, and you use the expression “make yourself at home” you want to welcome this person and tell him/her to feel relaxed, feel free like in their own home.

Other examples of “Make yourself at home” idiom in a sentence

  • Come in and make yourself at home. Everyone is friendly here.
  • Hello, my dear friend. Make yourself at home.
  • Sit down, have a coffee and make yourself at home.

“Make yourself at home”: use in context explanation

The man and his son are in the house and the wife is away on a business trip. It’s difficult to be a father and the little boy is very lively and energetic. He is making a big mess in the house. The man feels hopeless as he can’t control his own child. Suddenly the doorbell rings. It’s the new babysitter! The father is relieved and very, very happy. He welcomes the babysitter and tells her to make herself at home.