“Make yourself comfortable”: idiom meaning.

Make yourself comfortable
You say “make yourself comfortable” when you want someone to come in and sit down. It’s a very nice and polite expression and shows the person who is coming in that he/she is welcome and can feel relaxed. Sometimes it is used when you want the person to sit down and wait for you, because you’re busy at the moment and will be back in a few minutes.

Other examples of “Make yourself comfortable” idiom in a sentence

  • Mr. James! Welcome! Please, make yourself comfortable.
  • Make yourself comfortable and I’ll be right back.
  • Please, sit down and make yourself comfortable, Mrs. Smith.

“Make yourself comfortable”: use in context explanation

The man is looking for ways to earn some wxtra money. He’s found a very inetersting course on the internet which promises to teach how to make money with no effort. It sounds very promising so the man wants to sign up for the course. This is the first lesson and the man comes in the room where the course is held. The teacher welcomes the man saying: “Make yourself at home” with a smile on his face. He is very happy to have a new student.