“Opinionated”: vocabulary meaning.

A person who is opinionated has an opinion about something and doesn’t want to change it under any circumstances. Sometimes this opinion might be wrong and other people might try to make the person change her mind but they can’t. An opinionated person thinks he/she is right and doesn’t even want to consider other people’s opinions.

Other examples of “opinionated” vocabulary in a sentence

  • He is opinionated and it is hard to make him change his mind.
  • Don’t be opinionated. You’re just a child.
  • I don’t like opinionated people, it’s difficult to have a conversation with them.

“Opinionated”: use in context explanation

The woman and her husband are having a walk. Suddenly, they come across an unusual couple. The couple are holding each other and look like they care for each other. The only strange thing is a significant age gap between them. The man looks much older than the girl, who is probably in her twenties. The woman is skeptical. She doesn’t believe they truly love each other. She is convinced the man must be very rich and the girl is with him only for his money and is not being truthful and honest. The man, on the other hand, doesn’t see anything wrong or strange and thinks his wife is opinionated. He thinks she shouldn’t judge the book by its cover and should be more open-minded.