“Overtake”: vocabulary meaning.

When you are driving and before you, there’s another car (driving in the same direction), if you “overtake” this car, you pass it because you are driving faster and you leave that car behind.

Other examples of “overtake” vocabulary in a sentence

  • That car is going too slow. Let’s overtake it!
  • Don’t get too close to the car you want to overtake. It might be dangerous.
  • A sports car overtook us beucause it was driving very fast.

“Overtake”: use in context explanation

Jane and Tara are driving and are looking for some nice shops to get some clothes. Tara is looking around and Jane is driving. They are driving slowly because they don’t want to miss any good shops. Behind them, there’s a guy driving his car and he is apparently in a rush. He wants to go faster and starts yelling to the girls that they are going to slow. But Jane is not going to listen to him. She says, if he wants, he can always overtake them and if he doesn’t want to overtake them, he will have to drive slowly behing them!