Audio pronunciation for a dialogue containing the “payslip” vocabulary used in context.

“Payslip”: vocabulary meaning.

A paper document which a worker gets from the boss of a company he works for. It is given to the employee (the worker) more or less at the same time when they give him his salary (the money every month for the work he does). In the payslip there’s how much money you’ve earned and how much taxes you pay for the state.

Other examples of “payslip” vocabulary in a sentence

  • You can now access online payslips on your computer.
  • You can check how much money you earn on the payslip.
  • The boss is printing payslips to give them to his employees.


The man has just came back home from work. He is very tired and can’t wait to go to sleep. It’s the first day of the month and the wife knows it’s when her husband gets the salary. She puts her hands in her husband’s briefcase and she pulls out his payslip. This makes her really happy because she knows they have money to go shopping and shopping is what The woman loves and what she needs to relax and be happy. The man doesn’t share her enthusiasm, though. He is angry because he knows his wife likes overspending money on clothes which she doesn’t need. He wishes she hadn’t found the payslip.