“Pissed”: vocabulary meaning.

A colloquial term to say when someone is very drunk, has drunk a lot of alcohol and is not feeling like he is controlling the situation anymore. Remember it is a very informal expression so you may only use it with people you have a friendly relationship with.

Other examples of “pissed” vocabulary in a sentence

  • You’re too pissed to drive!
  • You should’t have got that pissed!
  • I’m pissed. I can’t drink any more.

“Pissed”: use in context explanation

Three mates meet up in a pub to have a chat and complain about their wives and home life. They are having so much fun that they end up drinking too much beer. After a few hours they start feeling the effects of alcohol. They don’t feel well and they are pissed. Their heads are spinning, they feel sick and they acknowledge the fact that they shouldn’t have drunk so much.