“Press charges”: vocabulary meaning.

Press charges
Accuse someone of a crime officially in the court (say that he/she commited a crime against you). When you press charges against someone you start legal actions against him/her, take this person to court and then the judge decides about the penalty for him/her.

Other examples of “press charges” vocabulary in a sentence

  • You should press charges against this man!
  • Please don’t press charges, it won’t happen again.
  • The police will not press charges against him.

“Press charges”: use in context explanation

The woman calls a policeman to her house when she realises someone is inside. They come in and see a man opening the woman’s drawers and touching her belongings. They are both shocked. The woman is furious and says she will press charges against the man. The man puts his hands up and gives in to the police. He apologises but she is going to press charges anyway.