“Purchase”: vocabulary meaning.

Buy; get something by paying money for it. “Purchase” is a more formal word than “buy” and you use it for example when you are talking to a salesperson but when you talk to your friends you use “buy” more often.

Other examples of “Purchase” vocabulary in a sentence

  • You can purchase the tickets here.
  • The company has purchased equipment foe $10,000.
  • They have purchased a big house.

“Purchase”: use in context explanation

The man is on the phone with a call centre assistant. He is trying to be nice but the assistant insists that he purchases the product the assistant is trying to sell. He doesn’t want to purchase anything and he gets a bit angry when the lady keeps on talking. His wife comes into the room and hears the conversation. She wants to talk to the assistant because she wants to know what they are selling. She likes buying new things (in contrast with her husband).