“Reckless”: vocabulary meaning.

A reckless person does dangerous things that he shouldn’t do. He doesn’ think of the bad consequences of his dangerous actions and is not scared. This adjective has a negative connotation. When someone is reckless he might be considered stupid because he is risking his life, health or similar.

Other examples of “reckless” vocabulary in a sentence

  • He is so reckless when he drives his car.
  • You’ll eventually pay for your reckless behaviour.
  • It was such a reckless decision to do something so dangerous.

“Reckless”: use in context explanation

The man is in his house when suddenly he spots 2 interesting girls outside, walking and chatting. He wants to impress them and draw their attention so he decides to sit on the window with his legs hanging out. This is a very dangerous behaviour and he might risk falling out. He thinks he is cool and waves to the girls to say “hi”. But the girls don’t share his enthusiasm. They think it’s reckless of him to do it and they are surely not impressed by this kind of behaviour. They tell him he should’t do reckless things and he should get back to his house.