“Set off (alarm)”: phrasal verb meaning.

Set off (alarm)
Turn on the alarm not intentionally, like when you forget that the alarm in your house is on, you enter and accidentally set the alarm off.

Other examples of “set off (alarm)” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • I opened the door which set off the alarm.
  • Don’t speak too loud. You don’t want to set off the alarm.
  • Sorry, I didn’t want to set off the alarm.

“Set off (alarm)”: use in context explanation

The woman is sleeping when suddenly she hears an incredibly loud sound which wakes her up. It’s the alarm they’ve installed in their house. She quickly gets out of bed and rushes down the stairs to see why it is ringing. She is scared it may be a thief. Suddenly, she sees her husband sneakingly drinking beer late at night again. He has apparently forgotten about the alarm and set it off accidentally. The woman is really furious!