“Smell a rat”: idiom meaning.

Smell a rat
Suspect something might not be right, someone may be lying to you or may want to do something bad to you, like deceive you or cheat you. You’re not sure something wrong is going on but you have a feeling it’s not right.

Other examples of “smell a rat” idiom in a sentence

  • His behaviour is strange. I smell a rat.
  • You should have smelled a rat when you found the lipstick in his pocket.
  • I don’t know why but I smell a rat.

“Smell a rat”: use in context explanation

The husband comes back home late at night after he went on his friend’s bachelor’s party with other guys. They were supposed to play games on Playstation, watch a football game and drink some beer in a pub, no girls, only guys. The husband, though, comes with a lipstick kiss mark on his cheek and he is overly happy. His wife smells a rat. She suspects they might have done something she wouldn’t like and is, therefore, very angry. Although he is trying to convince her she has nothing to worry about, she has a feeling he’s lying.