“Squashed”: vocabulary meaning.

When something becomes flat and its shape is ruined because it has been pressed or crushed or something very heavy has been put on it. In the illustration, the cake has been squashed and is completely ruined now.

Other examples of “squashed” vocabulary in a sentence

  • The sandwich is all squashed. I’m not eating it.
  • The baby sat on a banana and squashed it.
  • Remember to squash plastic bottles before you throw them away.

“Squashed”: use in context explanation

The husband has bought a cake to make his wife a nice surprise. Unfortunately, when he was coming home in his car with their dog, the dog accidentally sit on the cake and squashed it. The husband only saw it when it was too late and the cake was totally ruined. He got very upset and wondered if he should throw the cake away or give it to his wife anyway. He decided to bring it home and at least show his wife he had good intentions. The wife is sorry that the cake is squashed and they can’t eat it but appreciates her husband’s thoughtfulness.