“Stop by”: phrasal verb meaning.

Stop by
To go somewhere for a short time (for example to a shop or a friend’s house) especially when you are already near that place for different reasons.

Other examples of “stop by” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • You should stop by next week. (come to my house)
  • Wait 10 minutes. I have to stop by my workplace and get some documents.
  • You should stop by and see my new house.

“Stop by”: use in context explanation

The couple are jogging (running). Suddenly, the woman sees her favourite clothes shop. The shop assistant stands in front of the shop and calls her to tell her they have some new dresses in the shop and she should stop by and see them. The woman feels she really wants to see the new arrivals in the shop but has to make an excuse for her husband. She tells her husband she has to stop by the pharmacy and he should keep running and shouldn’t wait for her. The man would be angry if he knew she was going to buy clothes. He doesn’t like when his wife spends too much money.