“Sulk”: vocabulary meaning.

Refuse to speak or smile because you want to show you are angry. Some people do it a lot and they may not speak to the other person for hours or even days. This is how they show their disapproval or that they are hurting inside.

Other examples of “sulk” vocabulary in a sentence

  • He’s sulking in his room because I didn’t let him watch TV.
  • Why do you sulk so often?
  • Is sulking a bad thing?

“Sulk”: use in context explanation

The woman is chatting on the phone with her best friend. She tells her about her husband. He is sulking because he is jealous of his wife. In the place where she works, her boss has hired a new employee and apparently the new guy is cute and he’s young too. The husband doesn’t want her to spend every day with that guy, so he decided he is not going to accept the situation and pretend nothing has happened. The wife doesn’t take this matter seriously and she’s just having a good laugh about it.