“Take it easy”: idiom meaning.

Take it easy
Calm down, don’t get angry and try to control you reactions. Don’t react in a way that is too emotional and don’t react with anger.

Other examples of “Take it easy” idiom in a sentence

  • Hey, take it easy. I don’t want to see you two fighting.
  • Just take it easy and tell me why you got so angry.
  • Take it easy on your sister. She’s just a child.

“Take it easy”: use in context explanation

The parents come into the room and can’t believe what they see. Their little son has been playing with paints and has left his handprints all over the house. It’s all dirty now! The father is so angry he is about to blow up and lose his temper. The mum tries to calm her husband down telling him to take it easy and remember it’s just a child.