“Take the piss”: idiom meaning.

Take the piss
Joke, say things which put someone in an embarrassing situation. If you joke with someone and the other person gets angry at you and you say you were “taking the piss”, you are saying you were only joking and the person shouldn’t be angry.

Other examples of “take the piss” idiom in a sentence

  • Are you taking the piss out of me?
  • Don’t be angry. I was just trying to be funny and taking the piss.
  • Don’t take the piss out of me.

“Take the piss”: use in context explanation

The husband likes to take the piss out of his wife sometimes. He and their son decide to play a joke on the woman and say the child has accidentally dropped her mobile phone down the toilet. The man knows she can’t live without her mobile phone and she would go crazy if she lost it. The woman is devastated! She is about to cry when the husband starts laughing and says it’s not true and they were only taking the piss. Now the wife is really angry.