“That’s a point”: idiom meaning.

That’s a point
A point is a single part of discussion. If you say “that’s an interesting/good/important point, you are saying it’s an interesting/good/important part of discussion/idea/fact.

Other examples of “That’s a point” idiom in a sentence

  • That’s a good point. I agree.
  • That’s a very important point of the discussion.
  • That’s an interesting point. I want to talk more about it.

“That’s a point”: use in context explanation

The man and two women are talking about relationships. The girls talk about various things in men they like and don’t like. One of the girls says she doesn’t like it when men drink too much beer. The man wants to show he is interested in what the girl is saying so he says that’s an interesting point. At the same time he is hiding a bottle of beer from the girls because he wants them to like him and he doesn’t want them to know how much he likes beer at this point.