“Tick”: vocabulary meaning.

A small animal similar to a spider which can bite and attach itself to human body and suck the blood. They might carry diseases and are difficult to remove from the body after they ghet stuck in the skin.

Other examples of “tick” vocabulary in a sentence

  • A tick was removed from her skin.
  • The risk of developing Lyme disease after a tick bites you is low.
  • There are lots of ticks in the woods.

“Tick”: use in context explanation

The woman has gone to the woods to pick some mushrooms. She would like to prepare mushroom risotto for dinner. Since she’s a prudent person, she knows that you a tick might bite you and it can lead to a serious disease called “Lyme disease”. That’s why she wants to protect herself the best she can. She’s taken an umbrella with military camouflage pattern so the ticks don’t see her