“Tipsy”: vocabulary meaning.

A little drunk. After drinking some beers or a couple of glasses of wine, the drink goes to your head, you might start feeling the effects of alcohol, like you laugh a lot, you might have little problems walking straight etc.

Other examples of “tipsy” vocabulary in a sentence

  • You look tipsy. Have you been drinking?
  • I feel a bit tipsy but I’ve just had 1 beer.
  • Look at him. He’s already tipsy.

“Tipsy”: use in context explanation

The man is supposed to give milk to his son. While he is heating up the milk in the microwave, he drinks a couple of beers. It puts him in a good mood, he starts singing songs and laughing. His head starts spinning just a little bit. He is tipsy. The milk is ready so he takes it and wants to give it to his baby. That’s when the wife comes in the room and…she is shocked by what she sees. Her husband has mistaken beer for milk and he is drinking milk while the baby is holding beer in his hands. Fortunately, the woman came in time to take the alcoholic drink away from the child before he drinks it. She is angry at her husband though and thinks he shouldn’t drink any more beers.