“Watch my figure”: idiom meaning.

Watch my figure
Used (usually by women) to say that someone can’t eat fatty food because she wants to be slim and look good and if she eats too much she will get too fat.

Other examples of “Watch my figure” idiom in a sentence

  • I need to watch my figure. I don’t want any belly.
  • No thanks. I have to watch my figure.
  • I’m trying to watch my figure.

“Watch my figure”: use in context explanation

The man and his wife are having a picnic. They are sitting on a blanket and relaxing. The woman has prepared food which she thinks is healthy and tasty at the same time. She loves eating vegetables. If it wasn’t for her husband, she would even like to become a vegetarian. She’s put the food in a picnic basket. The man, on the other hand, likes meat but he doesn’t want to hurt his wife’s feelings when she offers him to eat the veggies so he invents an excuse that he’s on diet and has to watch his figure. It’s not true, though, and in fact he has brought himself a big hamburger with beef. He has to hide it from his wife, though.