“Would you mind”: idiom meaning.

Would you mind
“Would you mind” means the same as “Can you” and goes at the beginning of a question. It is a polite and kind way to ask someone to do something/do you a favour. It is always followed by the -ing form of a verb.

Other examples of “Would you mind” idiom in a sentence

  • Would you mind not smoking here?
  • Would you mind closing the window? It’s cold.
  • Would you mind taking the dog out? I’m really busy.

“Would you mind”: use in context explanation

The woman is in a supermarket. She hasn’t taken the basket because she thought she would only take a few things but then she realised she needs to buy more. Now she just needs one more thing. A can of coke. She can’t reach for the coke herself, though, because her hands are full. She asks a guy to help her, saying: “Would you mind helping me and putting a coke on the top?” The guy thinks it’s quite strange and funny and that she should have taken the basket but he is going to help her.