“Ain’t”: vocabulary meaning.

“Ain’t” is a strong negation. “I ain’t” means “I’m not”, “I ain’t got” means “I haven’t got”. It’s an expression used in informal context and spoken English, especially American English.

Other examples of “ain’t” vocabulary in a sentence

  • I can’t go shopping with you. I ain’t got no money!
  • You can’t fool me. I ain’t stupid!
  • She ain’t coming to the party.

“Ain’t”: use in context explanation

The girls are having a class test. One of them tells the teacher the other two are talking with each other, but they say they ain’t. The teacher gets angry and goes in the two girls’ direction. But the first girl was lying. She said that to direct the teacher’s attention to others and not to herself and in the meantime, she is cheating! She is copying the answers from a cheat sheet she’s prepared at home. This is very dishonest. The other two girls have been accused unjustly and, in fact, they ain’t cheating.