“Bend over backwards”: idiom meaning.

Bend over backwards
Literally it means to get into a position like illustrated in the picture. The idiomatic meaning is when you try really hard, you do everything you can, put all of the effort in the world to help someone. In the illustration, the man thinks he’s doing his best but his work is not appreciated by his wife.

Other examples of “bend over backwards” idiom in a sentence

  • I’m bending over backwards to fix it.
  • I’m bending over backwards to keep this secret from coming out.
  • He bends over backwards to all her needs.

“Bend over backwards”: use in context explanation

The wife is doing housework and as usual, is angry at her husband because he doesn’t want to help her with the laundry and other chores. She thinks she has to do all by herself and can’t count on anyone to give her a hand. The husband is surprised to hear these words. In his opinion he’s bending over backwards to be there and help his wife.