“Boundary”: vocabulary meaning.

Boundary might be physical or metaphorical. Physical boundaries are walls, fences, lines that show where someone’s property begins and where other people can’t enter without permission. Metaphorical boundaries are limits you create and that other people cannot cross. An example os setting such boundaries is the ability to say “no” and not feel bad about it.

Other examples of “boundary” vocabulary in a sentence

  • This fence is the boundary of his property.
  • Russia has boundaries with 14 countries.
  • You must set your personal boundaries.

“Boundary”: use in context explanation

The little boy has invited some friends over to his house. They are playing and having fun. His dad is watching them but after an hour he is really tired. He can’t control the rowdy kids anymore and feels he’s going to go crazy. He decides the only way to survive it is to build a physical boundary between him and the kids which the kids cannot cross. He gets some empty cans of beers and builds his boundary.