“Break into”: phrasal verb meaning.

Break into
Enter a place/building (a house, bank etc.) to steal money or valuable objects.

Other examples of “break into” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • We are installing an alarm system at work. The thieves broke into my office twice last year.
  • The window is broken. Someone must have broken into the house.
  • They tried to break into her house.

“Break into”: use in context explanation

The woman comes back home and sees the door forced open and the house in a mess. Oh no! Someone has broken into their house! She immediately calls the police. A policeman comes and notices something unusual. The money is still there, the thieves didn’t take it. What they did is they scattered the clothes all over the room and wrote something on the mirror. It must be a stalker. The policeman tells the woman to stay calm and not to worry because they will find the one who did it and put him into prison.