“Broke”: vocabulary meaning.

A colloquial expression used a lot in spoken English which means having no money at all. In the example above the man already knows he has lost all his money. A business can “go broke” and it means that it no longer has any money, it’s gone bankrupt, so probably it will have to be closed down.

Other examples of “broke” vocabulary in a sentence

  • I can’t go shopping, I’m broke.
  • If you keep spending so much money you’ll be broke soon.
  • I wasted all my money and now I’m broke.

“Broke”: use in context explanation

The wife, like most women, loves shopping for clothes. It’s sales period so she is particularly vulnerable to shopping temptations. When she saw a clothes shop with sales she couldn’t help herself and bought a lot of things. She was very happy but her husband wasn’t. It was him who paid for all the purchase. His wife made him spend a lot and now he has no money in his wallet. He is broke. He is angry but he loves his wife so much, he can’t say no to her.