“Cheat (in a test)”: vocabulary meaning.

Cheat (in a test)
If a person cheats in a class test at school, he/she uses an illegal and dishonest method to pass the test. She or he may, for example, write the answers at home on a little piece of paper and then, during the exam, hold it under the desk and copy all the answers onto the test.

Other examples of “cheat (in a test)” vocabulary in a sentence

  • He cheated in the exam.
  • Stop cheating! We can see you!
  • Cheating is dishonest. I will never do it.

“Cheat (in a test)”: use in context explanation

The girls are having an important test at school. One of them, suddenly, points her finger on another girl and shouts to the teacher to go and check on her because she is cheating. The teacher believes the first girl, gets very angry and starts walking towards the second girl, who is saying it is not true and she is not cheating. Meanwhile, the first girl pools out a piece of paper with all the answers and using the teacher’s distraction, starts cheating herself.