“Drop off”: phrasal verb meaning.

Drop off
If you drive someone in your car and you “drop them off” at a place, it means they leave/get out of your car at that place. They leave because this was the destination/place where they wanted you to drive them.

Other examples of “drop off” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • Could you drop me off at my house?
  • Just drop me off here and I’ll walk to the shop.
  • Drop me off at the pharmacy, I need to buy some medicine.

“Drop off”: use in context explanation

The couple are in the man’s car in he is driving. Suddenly, the woman spots a shoe shop with sales. She can’t miss the sales so she asks her husband to drop her off there (at the shoe shop) so she can buy some shoes. But the man says “no” because he thinks his wife has enough shoes already and he doesn’t want her to spend more money.