“Dummy”: vocabulary meaning.

The object little babies use to get calm, they put it in their mouths and suck. It reminds them of breastfeeding and makes them feel less agitated. Usually it’s made of rubber and plastic. Dummy also has a second meaning which is colloquially a silly (stupid) person.

Other examples of “dummy” vocabulary in a sentence

  • My baby girl uses a dummy when she sleeps.
  • Is it okay to give my baby a dummy?
  • Some babies have no interest in using a dummy.

“Dummy”: use in context explanation

The baby is walking around the house bored, he is looking for some attention but he can’t get any from his parents as they are busy taking care of themselves at the moment. The kid is desperate and wants to console himself with his dummy but he can’t find it. Thus, he goes near his parents and screams out loud for them to hear him and help him find his dummy.