“Come again?”: idiom meaning.

Come again?
“Come again?” is the same as “Can you repeat that?” and you use it in informal English when you couldn’t hear well or didn’t unerstand what the other person has just said to you.

Other examples of “Come again?” idiom in a sentence

  • Come again? Did you say “free beer”?
  • I’m sorry, I was distracted. Come again, please?
  • I can’t hear you. Come again?

“Come again?”: use in context explanation

Jane and her husband are in a restaurant. Jane thinks Richard eats too much junk food like hamburgers and chips and she wants him to start eating healthy food. Therefore, she ordered healthy and light salad and vegetables. Richard doesn’t want to eat vegetables but doesn’t want to make his wife disappointed either. So he comes up with an idea. When the wife doesn’t look, he orders a double hamburger and asks the waiter to give it to him when he goes to the bathroom so his wife doesn’t know. When the waiter comes to the table and says the hamburger is waiting for him in the bathroom, Jane can’t believe what she’s just heard! She says : “Come again?” to the waiter because she wants him to repeat it.