“Come in handy”: idiom meaning

Come in handy
If something “comes in handy” it’s useful and practical and can help you when you find yourself in a particular situation.

Other examples of “Come in handy” idiom in a sentence

  • A mobile phone comes in handy when you need to call someone.
  • A ligter might come in handy when you don’t have matches.
  • An credit card comes in handy when you need to pay online.

“Come in handy”: use in context explanation

The man comes home and sees his wife in a strange, unusual situation. She is dressed like a Japanese girl and she is holding a book writen in Japanese. That looks very odd. He asks her what she is doing. She smiles and explains she has decided to study Japanese and bought a Japanese dictionary. She thinks it will come in handy the next time they order their favourite sushi because she will be able to understand the menu and all the ingredients and maybe also talk to the Japanese waiters in their language. She is very enthusiastic about it.