“Long story short”: idiom meaning.

Long story short
When you’re telling what happened and you don’t want to tell the whole story with all the details, because it would be too long so you just want to say the most important part.

Other examples of “Long story short” idiom in a sentence

  • Long story short, I don’t believe him.
  • We went there but they didn’t want to talk to us. Long story short, we didn’t get our money back.
  • Long story short, we had to come back home.

“Long story short”: use in context explanation

The woman and her her friend are having a friendly chat. The friend is very upset (sad). She just broke up with her boyfriend…again. He left her again. She tells her friend all about it but th story is long and she just wants to cut a long story short and say in few words that she has been dumped again and she is very sad.