“Scary as hell”: idiom meaning.

Scary as hell
A very common idiomatic expression which means very scary. You can use is among your friends, in an informal situation, to emphasise the fact that something is making you really afraid. In the above example the film is scary as hell but they enjoy watching it because they like being very scared.

Other examples of “scary as hell” idiom in a sentence

  • His face was scary as hell.
  • The story about ghosts is scary as hell.
  • I’m off. It’s scary as hell here.

“Scary as hell”: use in context explanation

The happy couple have decided to go to the cinema. They have chosen a very popular film which is a famous horror film. They have bought popcorn and something to drink and they are enjoying watching the film. It’s scary as hell and they are both frightened but they like this feeling because it makes them forget about the problems in their lives and focus only on what’s going on on the screen.