“What the hell”: idiom meaning.

What the hell
Said when you decide to do something against your rules, against what you think is right, against what you’ve previously decided to do. You give in to the temptation and you decide to break your rules and do it and not care about it.

Other examples of “what the hell” idiom in a sentence

  • Oh, what the hell, at least I’ll do something for me, too.
  • Oh, what the hell, I’ll fix about it tomorrow.
  • “Oh, what the hell!” – I thought, and I drank the whole glass.

“What the hell”: use in context explanation

The woman and her husband are having dinner together. As usual, the woman is very careful about her diet and she only eats light things like vegetables and white meat. Therefore, also this time she’s prepared for herself healthy vegetables. The man, on the other hand, loves meat, hamburgers, chips and fatty food. The woman watches him eating the hamburger and she can’t resist the temptation. She wants to eat the hamburger, too. She grabs it from her husnabds plate and thinks: “What the hell, nothing bad will happen if I eat one”.