“What’s going on”: idiom meaning.

What’s going on
What is happening? “What’s going on”is an expression you use when you are don’t know what is happening and you are asking urgently for some information and explanation. For example you can see people fighting and you don’t know why so you go to these people and ask what’s going on, you ask them to tell you why they are fighting.

Other examples of “What’s going on” idiom in a sentence

  • Hey! What’s going on here? Why are you screaming?
  • Ok, now I would like to know what is going on here.
  • What’s going on inside his head? He is really strange.

“What’s going on”: use in context explanation

The woman is really angry and she has called for a policeman. The police officer comes and asks what’s going on and why she called him. The woman explains that she called the policeman because there’s a man who doesn’t want to clean up after his dog. She says it’s rude and against the law and hopes the policeman will reprimand him.