“What’s the catch?”: idiom meaning.

What’s the catch?
An expression said when someone does something nice to you but you suspect that he or she’s not doing it because he or she wants to help you but he has a secret reason for doing it. And this reason is something good for him/her not for you.

Other examples of “What’s the catch?” idiom in a sentence

  • You’re letting me win too easily. What’s the catch?
  • This proposal sounds perfect. What’s the catch?
  • You’re saying it’s all good for me but what’s the catch?

“What’s the catch?”: use in context explanation

The married couple are on the beach catching sun. The man likes to have a beer or two while he’s lying on the sunbed and relaxing. Usually the woman is not in favour of him drinking too much and she criticises this behaviour. But not this time. Strangely, she keeps offering her husband to bring him another beer from the beach bar. The husband couldn’t be happier but he suspects she does it not only to do him a favour but she might have a hidden reason why she’s doing it. He asks her: “What’s the catch?” It’s too unusual, and in fact he’s right becuase the woman just wants to go the bar because there’s a very nice barman there. The husband, however, decides to enjoy this moment and his beers and continue relaxing.